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I don’t consider myslef to especially intelligent or talented, but I can usually work through most problems that come up whether it’s an equipment break down, a computer problem, or something else. Even if my solution isn’t exactly procedure, I can almost always find a way to get done what needs to get done.The thing that bothers me as a manager is that it’s almost impossible to find employees who are able to do this. It’s not like being a manager is the secret, because I have always been able to figure things out by looking at a manual or just working my way through the problem.I’m just wondering if this ability to work through things is a natural talent that is difficult to teach or if there is a method for teaching people how to think their way through things. Often when I’m training or helping people I will set them on the right path and see if they can figure it out, but I usually have to give even more help.I find it so frustrating because it’s so easy for me.A bit more information. I manage a movie theatre and virtually all of my employees have never had a job before, or they have worked at McDonalds or something similar. So they don’t usually come in with any real work experience. But what I’m seeing (or not seeing) is an almost total lack of instinct or critical thinking. One example I can use is counting change. Almost to a person they are dependent on entering what the customer gave them and then having the computer count change and then they just hand them the change without counting it back. Even after teaching them how to properly count change it’s like they are paralyzed to do it themselves.I guess to a certain extent I would blame their education. But it’s weird how so many of these kids can do well in advanced math classed but struggle with basic counting?
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