Who do you think will win Fields Medal in 2014?
Avila, Artur 503 votes 
Bhargava, Manul 528 votes 
Borodin, Alexei 80 votes 
Brendle, Simon 90 votes 
Breuillard, Emmanuel 47 votes 
Bringmann, Kathryn 23 votes 
Chudnovsky, Maria 54 votes 
Cszornei, Marianna 44 votes 
Figalli, Alessio 99 votes 
Galatius, Soren 23 votes 
Green, Ben 141 votes 
Guth, Larry 46 votes 
Hairer, Martin 142 votes 
Helfgott, Harald 268 votes 
Lurie, Jacob 324 votes 
Mirzakhani, Maryam 464 votes 
Morel, Sophie 158 votes 
Naor, Assaf 230 votes 
Saint-Raymond, Laure 89 votes 
Serfaty, Sylvia 76 votes 
Sheffield, Scott 44 votes 
Venkatesh, Akshay 92 votes 
1,708 voters 
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I have worked for the past 10 years on surface water quality in Wisconsin. Cyanobacteria has poisoned so many lakes in this state. Any animal, including humans, who ingest water containing cyanotoxins will become extremely ill or possibly die. If I were caught in the same cir tances as the protagonist, safe drinking water would be my top priority!
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 Posted by RAHMANI  August 12, 2014 at 10:00 amFrom 41.99.45.x  Report Abuse 
Hello !
On august, 13 th
For whom the toll rang ?
Sorry, no french 2014 fields medalists
Good luck, and best wishes for new 2014 fields medalists
 Posted by RAHMANI  August 12, 2014 at 9:57 amFrom 41.99.45.x  Report Abuse 
Hello !
For whom the toll rang ?
Sorry, no french 2014 fields medalists
Good luck, best wishes
 Posted by subhanallah  August 11, 2014 at 3:16 amFrom 41.99.32.x  Report Abuse 
2014 fields medalists
manjul BHARGAVA, aleksei BORODIN
benjamin joseph GREEN, Maryam MIRZAKHANI
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