What should we call people who go to the library and/or take advantage of library services?
customers 78 votes 
members 44 votes 
patrons 329 votes 
users 171 votes 
visitors 36 votes 
other (please leave a comment) 14 votes 
I go to the library and/or take advantage of library services. 151 votes 
I work in a library/information institution. 292 votes 
I am a library/information student. 66 votes 
527 voters 

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1. Any other industry has staff wages included in the purchase price. Do you expect your pharmacist to be a jerk to you because he doesn't depend on tips? If there's no excuse ever to give less than 15%, make that part of the listed price, and in turn part of your wage. Then, anything above that would truly be a "tip" earned for exceeding expectations. I get that we're stuck in this tipping system now, but that doesn't mean it's better than just earning a decent wage to start with paid for by upfront pricing.
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I am going out on a limb here and predicting he gets the buyout.
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that is the end game they are legislating toward.
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Brigitte Siler Osen Yea I read that post too. My husband just reminded me that I should have added, Don't just come refill his drink and not refill my water. I can't drink anything but water, but still add to the tip for it's refills even though I am rarely charged for it.
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Think the Scottish underworld would disown the Scottish Blairite underworld, Brendan
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My Mother’s Day present was a sleep in. Couldn’t care for anything else
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Need 5 coins, and I have only 4.
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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
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Someone is beginning to understand. Tonight Tony Heller, aka Steven Goddard, was invited to dinner with Obama!
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Hamas uses donkey bombs on IDF.
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“Death penalty deters crime” or “Children raised in same sex families are less happy” are explicitly scientific, and they have been refuted, too.
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mike thank you so much for all your advice and help. i feel confident i’ll be able to accomplish my goals
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《蔷薇泡沫》 一个人走不开,不过因为他不想走开;一个人失约,乃因他不想赴约,一切借口均属废话,都是用以掩饰不愿牺牲
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