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Boyband/Girlban/Idol Grup fav
Selection Votes 
Coboy Junior 11%2,985 
Cherrybelle 4%1,219 
JKT 48 25%6,877 
AKB 48 2%523 
SNSD 18%4,774 
SHINee 1%301 
Blink 1%368 
Super Junior 24%6,614 
Smash 12%3,296 
Sistar 1%170 
27,127 total 

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Those customers were genuinely rude and disrespectful, anyone would agree with you.
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I don’t even drink beer and I still go to lot 1 over the other EP bars because the folks are way friendlier. The atmosphere is awesome and I’ve never seen a fight there, they’ve got a good crowd. If they want to have more options (and I get to order a whiskey from the same place I get brunch) I’m all for it.
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A paranoid schizophrenic who killed and decapitated his elderly mother because he believed she was a witch will spend the rest of his life in a secure mental ward.Daniel Coriat, 44, was seen wandering the streets naked like ‘a zombie’ before police found him hiding in a wheelie bin in a train station following the murder.
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