Who will win the 2012 presidential election?

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Vote: Who will win the 2012 presidential election?
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Congrats to Susac. That’s gotta feel great.
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Cheesecake…beverages?? Woah. I mean I know this is ‘Murica, but that’s crazy. Please sign me up. Especially for the carmelized peaches.
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I'm getting a little bit tired of the never ending fascination with QM 'weirdness', because it seems to me that it tries to see everything as 'weird' simply because it is 'quantum', with the danger that that it makes people blind to what might be explainable by more intuitive means.
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goddamnit–’Ernest’ may be an ally for all I know, but I, of course, meant ‘earnest’.
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You really are a CONservative aren’t you? Gun humper, paranoid fantasist and does not get irony. A trifecta.
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Cheers! I’ll drink (water) to that! XOXO
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Agree with that, I had just seen more of he will win the Cy young now or he will be a stud for years, when in all likely hood he doesn’t pitch in the MLB, if he does good for him. I just dont see it happening.
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well done. ignore guguru. he is boko haram media PRO
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 Posted by Cheap Moncler Women Coats  November 20, 2014 at 11:50 pmFrom 192.187.126.x  Report Abuse 
did you ever think that the people who "netdeck" aren't doing it because they want to, but because they have to? maybe they don't have alot of cards, so they have to play as Warlock Zoo since they don't have the cards that they need in order to make their dream deck?
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 Posted by cheap parajumpers  November 20, 2014 at 10:56 pmFrom 192.187.126.x  Report Abuse 
“Rail has higher capacity than buses.”
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Wow blueberry soup…And I love how the zucchini soup doesn’t have heavy cream. I”ll definitely give this one a shot. The melon basil sounds incredible too. This is such a great changeup from gazpacho, even though I love gazpacho in all of its forms.
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Yaga al d way,gonna kill d show
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Thanks for the RB…I regret spelling rigorous incorrectly … RJV
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