What was your favorite Then Came Bronson episode?
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The TV Pilot movie 1%
The Runner 6%11 
The Old Motorcycle Fiasco 37%70 
A Famine Where Abundance Lies 1%
The Circle of Time 3%
Where Will the Trumpets Be? 1%
Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt 0%
The 3:13 Arrives at Noon 5%10 
Old Tigers Never Die -They Just Run Away 2%
Your Love Is Like a Demolition Derby in My Heart 1%
Two Percent of Nothing 1%
All the World and God 3%
A Long Trip to Yesterday 2%
The Spitball Kid 1%
Against a Blank Cold Wall 0%
Sibyl 3%
A-Pickin' An' A-Singin' 3%
The Gleam of the Eagle Mind 2%
That Undiscovered Country... 1%
Lucky Day 0%
Mating Dance for Tender Grass 3%
The Mountain 2%
Still Waters 0%
The Forest Primeval 15%29 
The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle 7%14 
The Mary R 0%
What's an Ark Without Centaurs? 4%
191 total 

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