What are your favourite songs on Africa Express' EGOLI? Select as many as you like...
Welcome 7 votes 
City In Lights 8 votes 
The River 7 votes 
Bittersweet Escape 8 votes 
Johannesburg 16 votes 
Become The Tiger 13 votes 
Africa To The World 5 votes 
Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards The Light 6 votes 
Where Will This Lead Us To 5 votes 
Mama 6 votes 
No Games 8 votes 
Morals 8 votes 
Taranau 5 votes 
The Return Of Bacardi 7 votes 
Sizi Freaks 7 votes 
Twirl 5 votes 
I Can't Move 17 votes 
See The World 14 votes 
25 voters 

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