What are your favourite songs on Africa Express' EGOLI? Select as many as you like...
Welcome 12 votes 
City In Lights 12 votes 
The River 13 votes 
Bittersweet Escape 12 votes 
Johannesburg 22 votes 
Become The Tiger 20 votes 
Africa To The World 10 votes 
Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards The Light 10 votes 
Where Will This Lead Us To 9 votes 
Mama 10 votes 
No Games 13 votes 
Morals 12 votes 
Taranau 9 votes 
The Return Of Bacardi 11 votes 
Sizi Freaks 11 votes 
Twirl 9 votes 
I Can't Move 24 votes 
See The World 20 votes 
37 voters 

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