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 From ontheotherhand  1 minute ago.  
Supply and demand curves. If a good or service is high quality, and the price is zero, then demand will be endless. The NHS therefore has to make us pay somehow to regulate demand, and it makes us pay with time and hassle.
If you can reliably get treatment and attention from a skilled kind person at A&E within half an hour, then why bother with a GP? Go to A&E for a bad headache, depression, a sore ankle from a game of footie. But if you think that you might have to wait over 4 hours, you only bother if it really is an emergency.
For operations it is more or less the same. If you damaged ligaments in your knee on holiday, and you have to hobble to and from work every day, you might pay to go private, but if you are retired and your income is limited, you may wait six months.

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